Integrated Digital Marketing at the KEE of Jantung Nusantara Tourism Village, Masakambing Island


  • Nina Shilfina Universitas Terbuka
  • Mela Mela Universitas Terbuka
  • Andilopa Ginting Universitas Terbuka


empowerment, Integrated Digital Marketing, Exclusive Ecosystem Area


Rural development is key to improving prosperity, yet challenges such as the lack of Human Resources Development (HRD) and insufficient digital marketing often pose obstacles. A concrete example can be found in Pokdarwis Beka' Island, Masakambing Island, which focuses on conserving the endangered Yellow-crested Cockatoo. Despite efforts in ecotourism, constraints in digital marketing and limited promotion hinder optimal results. This research aims to empower Pokdarwis through the implementation of integrated digital marketing in the Jantung Nusantara Tourism Village, Masakambing Island. By applying integrated digital marketing strategies, a significant increase is expected in reaching online audiences, creating a positive impact on the overall marketing sector, and supporting the economic growth of the village through the tourism sector. The research methodology involves mixed methods, focusing on integrated digital marketing training involving 33 members of Pokdarwis Beka' Island. From the research findings, it can be concluded that empowerment occurs in three stages: preparation, implementation, and evaluation. This includes observation, interviews, preparation of training materials, discussions, and evaluation of digital marketing results. The final conclusion indicates that integrated digital marketing can be an effective solution for enhancing the village's economy through the tourism sector.




Conference Proceedings Volume