Analysis of Good Governance Implementation in Public Services


  • Saeful Rokhman Universitas Terbuka
  • Sofiana Mardiyantiningsih Universitas Terbuka
  • Indah Setia Utami Universitas Terbuka


Implementation, Good Governance, Public Service


The government has duties and responsibilities in public services, in carrying out its duties in providing government services applying the principles of good governance which is a challenge for governments in the era of globalization and modernization. To implement the principles of good governance, the government issued Law Number 23 of 2014 concerning Local Government and Law Number 25 of 2009 concerning Public Services. However, currently entering 3 decades after reform, good governance practices are still far from public wishful thinking, but on the contrary, the practice of corruption, collusion, and nepotism is still rampant and constrained by decentralization hegemony. This paper aims to determine the level of application of good government in Ajibarang District, Banyumas Regency. The method used in this study is to use a qualitative approach by conducting interviews with leaders and implementers of public services, this research was conducted in Ajibarang District, Banyumas Regency because Ajibarang District has received awards with plenary service, but there are still many complaints from the public related to public services. The application of good governance principles has been implemented in public services in Ajibarang District, Banyumas Regency, the implementer has also conducted socialization to the community regarding public services carried out in Ajibarang District. Public Services in Ajibarang District have also carried out public service activities in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and laws and regulations.




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