Effectiveness of Online Mentoring in Scientific Writing for Students in The Early Childhood Education (ECE) Teacher Program


  • Sri Tatminingsih Universitas Terbuka


Online Mentoring, Scientific Paper, ECE Teacher program, Learning Effectiveness


The purpose of this study was to obtain an overview of the effectiveness of the mentoring process for writing scientific papers for Early Childhood Education (ECE) Teacher program students at universities that implement a distance learning system. The mentoring process is carried out online through the Moodle application on e-learning, webinar tutorials with the Microsoft Teams application and consultation via WhatsApp both video call and chat. The research design uses descriptive qualitative using questionnaires and interviews and documentation as data collection techniques. The research subjects were 30 students who took scientific work courses through online tutorials in the 2023.1 and 2023.2 semesters. The data were analyzed descriptively by processing the similarity of the subject's answers.  The results showed that the online scientific work guidance process was quite effective in terms of task completion in the form of student graduation in this course. The advantages of this mentoring process include saving costs, time and energy and managing the mentoring process. The weaknesses include the difficulty in understanding the material and the ineffective revision process. Recommendation: to make the mentoring process more effective, occasionally the mentoring is done offline, or the mentoring process is blended online and offline. Originality produces new knowledge without repeating what has already been done by others.




Conference Proceedings Volume