Sensory Analysis of Tomato Sauce with Added Banana Waste as A Thickener


  • Mareta Ester Christiana Universitas Terbuka
  • Vionita Vionita Universitas Terbuka
  • Dini Nur Hakiki Universitas Terbuka


Banana Peel, Diabetics, Sorbitol, Tomato Sauce


Tomato sauce may be used as a side dish for a number of cuisines. This tomato sauce, however, is off-limits to diabetics due to its high sugar content, which can significantly raise blood sugar levels. As a result, the researchers created tomato sauce with the addition of banana peel waste. The goal of this study is to process banana peel and develop a diabetic-friendly sauce composition. In this study, 5 different treatments were used, with the percentage of tomato sauce and banana peels varying as much as 90%:10%, 80%:20%, 70%:30%, and 60%:40%. The following tests were done is organoleptic test. Based on the organoleptic testing, the sauce containing 40% banana peel was deemed to be the most favored, with an overall value of 3.8. The banana peels are included as a natural thickening agent with functional value. The sensory analysis of tomato sauce uses for developing sauce for diabetic patients.




Conference Proceedings Volume