Tentang Jurnal Ini

A global impact of Information and Communicative Technologies (ICT) has been overtly bounded the development of higher education with hyper-modernization of the knowledge economy. The traditional higher education models have to undertake changes or reforms to respond to the post-industrial downturn. Trends such as globalization, internationalization, diversification, decentralization, deinstitutionalization, massification, and privatization of learning have been visible in higher education in most developed and developing countries in recent decades. A transition from an emancipatory conception of higher education into a higher education that emphasizes professional education and professional practice, and a continued shift in orientations, aims, and policies of higher education have persistently presence. Moreover, higher education institutions in the mainstream have attempted to integrate New Learning Technologies into student learning environments via various modes of instruction. In addition, an online learning approach has become an attractive mode of instruction for learners due to flexibility, robustness, inclusivity, accessibility, and quality. It is interesting to see that modern distance education that considered a last option for the learner, is now a viable opportunity for both educational providers and learners in higher education. The International Conference on Innovation in Open and Distance Learning will bring those intriguing issues and provide a forum of sharing, discussion, and consultation to nurture innovation in open and distance learning.

Conference theme

Technology for Online Education Access, Equity, and Quality.                                            

  • Online Pedagogy and Inclusive learning design                                   
  • Educational Data Management and Learning Analytic                                   
  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, dan Extended Reality for Education
  • Learning management System: Interoperability-Share ability?
  • Online Examination and Assessment                                               
  • Digital macro credential, certification, and lifelong learning journey [block chain]
  • AI for education